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Find Kakookies Near You


A wholesome midwest brand spreading east and west!

Kakookies are available at a variety of stores, including grocery stores, coffee shops, delis, and specialty stores throughout the US. We do our best to keep this updated, however not all locations stock all flavors. Please call store to confirm availability.

*Locations vary within each store. At delis or coffee shops, they are usually near the checkout. At grocery stores or co-ops, they can be next to other packaged snack items, in the health food section, gluten free or vegan sections, by the deli, by the bakery, or by checkout. Please call or ask a store employee if you need help finding them.*

Bay Area customers: Kakookies are available on Good Eggs (online grocery delivery). Use code Kakookies for $25 off your order!

Don’t see a location near you?
1. Print off this Request Form and bring it in to your favorite retailer.
2.  Let us know the name and location of the store you requested.
3.  If that store orders from us, we’ll send you FREE Kakookies!