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Back to School: Lunchbox Nostalgia

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In the 1960’s, my back to school shopping list always included finding and carefully choosing the right lunchbox that would last me all year.

The first lunchbox I remember toting to school was  a blue vinyl “Casper The Friendly Ghost” box, as the Saturday morning cartoon was one of my favorites.

Vintage Antique Barn Lunch Box
Another year, my lunches were neatly packed into a dome box that was in the shape of a barn. Today, I proudly display that same lunch box along with a small collection of other classic boxes.  


While my children also preferred bringing lunches from home, my classic lunchbox collection was primarily reserved for play dates with their friends.   At lunchtime, I encouraged each friend to choose a lunchbox from my collection (Strawberry Shortcake, Sesame Street, Snoopy, Star Wars, Masters of the Universe, etc).   I prepared special snacks and treats, packed them away inside each box, and off they trotted to their newly made “blanket fort” or outside for a lunchbox picnic.  

These classic lunchboxes tell so many stories and are a time capsule of memories!

Watch one of our videos featuring our collectable Sesame Street lunchbox!

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