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TBT: Host Mom of 11 women competing Amgen Tour of California 2017

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So proud to have been Host Mom to 11 of the women competing in the Amgen Tour of California!  Let's take a look back at some of the photos:

2012  NVGP Pro Chase Women's Team

Cat Johnson, Trina Jacobson, Lindsay Bayer, Bri Clark, Joy McCulloch, Erin Burton, Brie Walle.  Ask Michael Engelmann - director,  about this vibrant and prankster combo!

The following two cyclists will be competing at Amgen Tour of California:

Lindsay Bayer is now a professional cyclist and co-owner of Hagens Berman/Supermint

Brie Walle is currently racing with Team Tibco


2012 Collegiate All Stars

Sue Kakuk and Heather Fischer; USA Cycling Collegiate Road Nationals Champion 

Heather is currently racing with Team Tibco and will be at Amgen Tour of California


2013 Collegiate All Stars

Katie Hall, Justine Boddy, Abby Mickey

Caroline Moakley, Erica Zaveta, Sue Kakuk, Abby Mickey

Katie Hall is racing with United Health Care at Amgen Tour of California

Abby Mickey is racing with Colavita at Amgen Tour of California

Erica Zaveta is racing with Cyclance at Amgen Tour of California


2014 Kakookies Collegiate All Stars

Adelaide Tillinghast, Allison Arensman, Sue, Doug, Arianne Horbach, Cynthia Lehner, Cecilia Davis Hayes, Michelle Khare, Kelly Catlin, Sara Bird

Allison Arensman is racing with USA National Team at Amgen Tour of California

Kelly Catlin is racing with Rally Cycling at Amgen Tour of California

2016 Collegiate All Stars

 Janelle Cole, Kate Buss, Amy Benner, Katherine Shields, Jennifer Caicedo

Janelle Cole is racing with United Health Care at Amgen Tour of California

Kate Buss is racing with Team Tibco at Amgen Tour of California

Amy Benner is racing with Rally Cycling at Amgen Tour of California

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