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Ultimate Chocolate Lovers Gift Box
Ultimate Chocolate Lovers Gift Box
Kakookies dark chocolate cranberry oatmeal cookies
Kakookies dark chocolate cranberry ingredients and nutrition facts
The Amazing Chickpea chocolate spread
The Amazing Chickpea chocolate spread nutrition and ingredients
San Jose chocolates dark chocolate with macadamia bar
San Jose chocolates dark chocolate macadamia bar nutrition and ingredients
Crapola Granola chocolate raspberry
Crapola Granola chocolate raspberry ingredients and nutrition

Ultimate Chocolate Lovers Gift Box

$ 29.95

The perfect gift for any chocolate lover!
Whether it's for Valentine's Day or just a special gift, this curated gift box is full of our chocolate favorites that's sure to please anyone who loves chocolate!  

Each box includes:
-6 Dark Chocolate Cranberry Kakookies:  These Dark Chocolate Cranberry cookies are filled with decadent cocoa and chocolate chips, heart healthy almonds, and a balanced tart pop of juicy antioxidant rich cranberries. When you’re in the mood for a better-for-you treat, this hands down hits the marks and feeds the soul.  Certified Gluten-Free, vegan, and soy-free.
-One 12 oz jar The Amazing Chickpea Chocolate Spread: A unique chickpea butter spread with the added bonus of rich, natural cocoa! This creamy chocolate spread is a chocoholic or peanut butter loves dream!  Plus it’s nut-free and has less sugar and fat than the leading chocolate spread.  Nut-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan.
-One bar of Chocolate San José 70% Dark Chocolate with Macadamia: Fine aromas and distinguished nutty flavor with pieces of roasted macadamia that melts in your mouth giving you the real pleasure of the finest of chocolates. Sustainably certified, premium single origin cacao.
-One 12 oz bag of Crapola Kissypoo Chocolate Raspberry Granola: From our funny friends at Brainstorm Bakery, Kissypoo tells the story of a regular guy that met his Princess in the Royal Raspberry Patch.  Made with freeze dried raspberries that add bursts of flavor to the dark chocolate landscape, we think you'll fall in love with this granola and live happily ever after!  This granola is vegan and made with virgin organic coconut oil.

Gift messages:
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A little bit more about each company:
Kakookies: Based in Minneapolis, MN, Kakookies is re-imagining the cookie and snack industry by creating delicious soft-baked cookies with "better for you" ingredients and plant-based protein.  They have the nutrition of an energy bar (or better), but with the comfort and taste of a cookie!  They're enjoyed as an energy snack, on the go breakfast, or guilt free treat, with a goal of delivering health and happiness one cookie at a time!
The Amazing Chickpea:  Sunil Kumar of Minneapolis, MN developed a chickpea spread when his oldest daughter, who loves peanut butter, couldn't offer her favorite PBJ sandwich to her friends due to nut allergies. The Amazing Chickpea is committed to providing safe, healthy snack alternatives to families and produces a line of protein rich, allergy free and delicious products that include Chickpea Spreads, Chickpea Powders, and Chickpea Dessert Mixes. To learn more about The Amazing Chickpea visit
Hacienda San José Chocolate: A single family-owned cocoa plantation in Ecuador that offers full traceability and single plantation chocolate with unique and exquisite taste, creamy with a defined nutty flavor, and a hint of vanilla and cinnamon.  Their award-winning chocolate is available in single snack bars, bite size discs and a professional foodservice line. To learn more about Chocolate San José visit
Crapola Granola:  Brian Strom and his wife were living the country life on their off-grid homestead in Ely, Minnesota when a silly conversation turned into an inspiration "Wouldn't it be funny if we made cranberry apple granola and called it Crapola?”.  Brainstorm bakery was born developing a granola line that would put "fun" in "functional" food and remind people about the importance of fiber in their own signature style.  With the tag line Makes even weird people "regular", their premium granola is available in 4 flavors: Crapola (original), Number Two, Colon-ial Times, and Kissypoo. To learn more about Crapola Granola visit


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