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Kakookies chocolate cookies and Five Watt coffee valentines gift box
Kakookies chocolate cookies and Five Watt coffee valentines gift box
Kakookies dark chocolate cranberry oatmeal cookies
Kakookies dark chocolate cranberry ingredients and nutrition facts
Five Watt Full Stack french roast coffee

Perfect Pairings: MatchMakers Box

$ 29.95


Curated Box

Introducing our new Perfect Pairings Collection with Five Watt Coffee!  

This item: Perfect Pairings: MatchMakers Box
French roast coffee and Dark Chocolate Cranberry Kakookies is a match made in heaven!  The flavor profiles of dark chocolate in the coffee are a perfect match for the rich cocoa and tart and sweet cranberry of the Kakookies.  French roast and dark chocolate reminds us of Paris, romance, and Valentine's Day.  It’s our new favorite to put a little love and indulgence into your day!

Each box includes:
-6 Dark Chocolate Cranberry Kakookies:  These Dark Chocolate Cranberry cookies are filled with decadent cocoa and chocolate chips, heart healthy almonds, and a balanced tart pop of juicy antioxidant rich cranberries. When you’re in the mood for a better-for-you treat, this hands down hits the marks and feeds the soul.  Certified Gluten-Free, vegan, and soy-free.
-One 12 oz bag of Five Watt Full Stack French Roast coffee:  Chocolatey African and South America coffees are roasted to provide a deep, rich mouthfeel, nutty aromatics and toastiness. This dark roast coffee has flavor profiles of dark chocolate, marzipan and black walnut. Whole bean. Responsible sourcing.

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A little bit more about each company:
Kakookies: Based in Minneapolis, MN, Kakookies is re-imagining the cookie and snack industry by creating delicious soft-baked cookies with "better for you" ingredients and plant-based protein.  They have the nutrition of an energy bar (or better), but with the comfort and taste of a cookie!  They're enjoyed as an energy snack, on the go breakfast, or guilt free treat, with a goal of delivering health and happiness one cookie at a time!
Big Watt Coffee:  Based in Minneapolis MN, Big Watt brings energy that spreads joy to the communities they serve.  They produce whole bean coffee, cold press coffee, and caffeinated sparkling water.  To keep our communities amplified, you can enjoy their products at any of the Five Watt Coffee retail locations or visit


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