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Perennial Kitchen Box
Perennial Kitchen Box
The Perennial Kitchen Cookbook
Kernza flour and whole grain
Hazelnut oil

Perennial Kitchen Box

$ 82.95

Enclosed in this box are exciting new ingredients that are nutritional, taste great, and also provide incredible benefits for the Minnesota farmers, our natural resources and our rural communities.  Inside the Perennial Kitchen cookbook, you'll find many recipes that Beth Dooley has created using Kernza and Hazelnut products. 

Box price includes shipping.  Limited quantities available.



Perennial Kitchen: Simple Recipes for a Healthy Future cookbook

Recipes and resources connect thoughtfully grown, gathered, and prepared ingredients to a healthy future—for food, farming, and human kind.  In The Perennial Kitchen, James Beard Award–winning author Beth Dooley provides the context of food’s origins, along with delicious recipes, nutrition information, and tips for smart sourcing. More than a farm-to-table cookbook, this book expands the definition of “local food” to embrace regenerative agriculture, the method of growing small and large crops with ecological services. 
Beth Dooley's Kitchen:
Retail Value: $27.95


KERNZA® Grain and Flour: one 14 oz bag of flour & one 14 oz bag of grain

Kernza ® is the perennial grain available for US farmers and eaters. Perennials are plants that are planted once and continue to grow year after year, which reduces the need for farmers to till their soil and buy seed and fertilizer. The deep roots of Kernza (sometimes they grow 10 feet!) keep nitrates out of drinking water and prevents soil erosion. Perennial Pantry, a start-up company in Burnville, MN, is the first company  to source, package and sell Kernza grain and flour in the country. You can order their products online or shop Lakewinds Co-op's three locations. More store locations will be announced in the upcoming months. Bulk packaging available.

Perennial Pantry website:    
Retail Value: Two 14oz bags: $19.50

American Hazelnuts: one 8 oz bottle Hazelnut Oil & 2 pouches flavored nuts

The hazelnuts featured in the flavored snack packets are from the only nut crop available to upper midwest farmers. They are a natural crossing between the native varieties that grow in the understory of Minnesota forests and the European varieties currently available on the commercial market. As a long-lived, woody perennial, hazelnuts provide many environmental benefits, including preventing erosion, protecting water and providing habitat. The delicious, flavored nuts are processed and packaged by the American Hazelnut Company (AHC), a grower-owned business based in Gay's Mills, Wisconsin. The slightly nutty, buttery oil is also from the AHC and is pressed from combination of midwest nuts and nuts sourced from growers in Oregon. You can find oil, flour, unflavored and flavored nuts on the AHC website or at select co-ops in the Twin Cities. Bulk packaging and pricing available for all products.

American Hazelnut Company:   
Retail Value: Oil (8oz): $15.95; HazelSnackers $9.95  



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