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Makers of Minnesota Podcast

I love telling the story about what inspired me to develop a healthy grab-n-go cookie.  Last week, Stephanie Hanson, host of Stephanie' and @MakersofMN invited me to Hubbard Broadcasting and asked me lots of questions regarding how and why I started Kakookies.  I am grateful for this opportunity to share more about myself and Kakookies with the listeners!  Thanks Stephanie for your sincere interest in the Makers of Minnesota!  Sue Continue reading

New Year. New You. New Look For Us.

Introducing our NEW packaging:

Kakookies Grab and Go Dark Chocolate Cranberry Delicious Superfood Vegan Gluten Free Energy Snack Cookies

New Years is a time for reflection on the past and setting goals for the future.  We decided it was time for a fresh look that showcased our "Better For You" values.  We also listened to your feedback asking for the cookies to stay soft longer.

Our new packaging:

  • Highlights our superfood ingredients and nutritional facts
  • Same great recipe and taste, but extends the soft-baked texture even longer
  • Easier to open

Kakookies Grab and Go Superfood Vegan Gluten Free Energy Snack Cookies

    Achieve your New Year's Goals with Kakookies!

    With Kakookies, you can have your cookie and eat it too. We believe life is all about balance. That's why we created a "Better For You" cookie made with superfood ingredients that satisfies hunger and sustains energy. It's a cookie that you can feel GOOD about eating anytime, anywhere!

    Kakookies Almond Cranberry Breakfast Cookies with CoffeeIndulge with cookies and coffee

    "These are amazing with coffee! The flavors of almond and cranberry are such a delicious combo and the hints of chocolate are perfect. I look forward to Kakookies every morning. What a great way to start the day!"- Diane M  


    Kakookies Superfood Energy Snacks for Work

    Stay energized at work

    "I decided to bring my box of cookies to work to have on hand for when I get those mid day grumbles. Now I have something convenient and honestly really delicious. No more wandering around to snack machines or cafeterias to buy something that doesn't taste good or have good nutrition."  -Taylor


    Kakookies Energy Snack Cookies for Workout Fuel and RecoveryTake your workout to the next level

    "These taste so much better than other energy snacks. Great flavors, good texture, and keeps me fueled for my workouts. I workout after work, but always need a snack beforehand. They're also great for recovery if I'm not going to eat my next meal soon!" - Sara K


    Kakookies Superfood Energy Travel Snack CookiesBe prepared when traveling

    "My husband and I love Kakookies. We travel a lot and always bring lots of snacks because you never know what's going to be available at the airport or on the plane." - Connie  


    Kakookies Grab n Go Superfood Vegan Gluten Free Energy Snack CookiesGrab-n-go for anytime, anywhere

    "These are the perfect breakfast on the go. So convenient and flavorful. I always keep them stacked in my pantry for those hectic mornings." -Renee Connor


    Kakookies Superfood Energy Snack Cookies for SchoolGive the gift of tasty school snacks

    "I sent this to my daughter who is off at college when she was studying for finals week and she loved them!" - Jackie R


    Kakookies Superfood Vegan Gluten Free Energy Snacks for Kids

    Give your kids a cookie that you can feel good about!

    "I feel good about giving Kakookies to my kids. They are delicious and they provide a healthy energy source." - Michelle N

    "It's nice to be able to say "yes" when my son asks for a cookie. He seems to really like them!" - Shelly P



    Kakookies Superfood Energy Snack Cookies for Outdoor Adventures

    Brighten up your adventure fuel

    "These are my family's favorite snack! We bring them on all our hikes and road trips. It's so nice to have something that the whole family enjoys - it makes prepping and packing way simpler." - Jill M



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    2017 Holiday Gift Guide & Flavor Recommendations

    Gift the gift of Kakookies this holiday season!  


    • Send Kakookies to someone you love (Remember our Free Shipping promo!)
    • Use them as stocking stuffers or small gifts for co-workers, friends, neighbors, teachers, etc
    • Wrap them up as a delicious gift under the tree!

    To help make your shopping easier, here are our Flavor Recommendations!

    Almond Cranberry Boundary Waters Blueberry Cashew Blondie Dark Chocolate Cranberry
    Almond Cranberry Boundary Waters Blueberry  Cashew Blondie  Dark Chocolate Cranberry
    Perfect for: Perfect for: Perfect for: Perfect for:
    • Coffee lovers
    • On the go breakfasts for busy lifestyles
    • Outdoor adventurers
    • Kids
    • Busy moms
    • Athletes
    • Travelers
    • Mid day office snack
    • Chocolate lovers
    • Red wine lovers

     Not sure what to get?  Try these assortments below:

    Limited Edition Holiday Gift Box Assortment

    Our special holiday box features 2 cookies of each flavor packaged nicely with a festive bow, plus a free 2 oz package of City Kid Java coffee! With every cup, you're empowering local CityKids to build better futures for themselves, their families, and our community.

    12 cookie assortment: 3 cookies each of Almond Cranberry, Boundary Waters Blueberry, Cashew Blondie & Dark Chocolate Cranberry. 


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    Kakookies are Hy-Vee Dietitian's Choice

    We walked into Hy-Vee yesterday and we were so excited to see that Kakookies were the "Dietitian's Choice"!  

    #betterforyou #cleaneatsyummytreats #snacks #superfood

    #Kakookies are Hy-Vee's Dietitian's Choice

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    MN Cycling Center Track Day

    We had a great day yesterday teaching math and science to local youth using bicycle skills and mechanics, while having fun!!  #fueledbykakookies

    This was at the Blaine NSC Velodrome as part of MN Cycling Center Track Day.

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    TBT: Host Mom of 11 women competing Amgen Tour of California 2017

    So proud to have been Host Mom to 11 of the women competing in the Amgen Tour of California!  Let's take a look back at some of the photos:

    2012  NVGP Pro Chase Women's Team

    Cat Johnson, Trina Jacobson, Lindsay Bayer, Bri Clark, Joy McCulloch, Erin Burton, Brie Walle.  Ask Michael Engelmann - director,  about this vibrant and prankster combo!

    The following two cyclists will be competing at Amgen Tour of California:

    Lindsay Bayer is now a professional cyclist and co-owner of Hagens Berman/Supermint

    Brie Walle is currently racing with Team Tibco


    2012 Collegiate All Stars

    Sue Kakuk and Heather Fischer; USA Cycling Collegiate Road Nationals Champion 

    Heather is currently racing with Team Tibco and will be at Amgen Tour of California


    2013 Collegiate All Stars

    Katie Hall, Justine Boddy, Abby Mickey

    Caroline Moakley, Erica Zaveta, Sue Kakuk, Abby Mickey

    Katie Hall is racing with United Health Care at Amgen Tour of California

    Abby Mickey is racing with Colavita at Amgen Tour of California

    Erica Zaveta is racing with Cyclance at Amgen Tour of California


    2014 Kakookies Collegiate All Stars

    Adelaide Tillinghast, Allison Arensman, Sue, Doug, Arianne Horbach, Cynthia Lehner, Cecilia Davis Hayes, Michelle Khare, Kelly Catlin, Sara Bird

    Allison Arensman is racing with USA National Team at Amgen Tour of California

    Kelly Catlin is racing with Rally Cycling at Amgen Tour of California

    2016 Collegiate All Stars

     Janelle Cole, Kate Buss, Amy Benner, Katherine Shields, Jennifer Caicedo

    Janelle Cole is racing with United Health Care at Amgen Tour of California

    Kate Buss is racing with Team Tibco at Amgen Tour of California

    Amy Benner is racing with Rally Cycling at Amgen Tour of California

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    Team Rio Grande, Nature Valley Grand Prix 2011

    What were we thinking?   We just said good-bye to the Pro Chase and Collegiate All Star teams, and headed home to prepare for a whole new team traveling from Colorado. Our neighbor graciously also opened her home so we could accommodate everyone more comfortably. They were a hungry bunch and our garage quickly became a mini bike shop. As usual, we enjoyed conversations getting to know everyone.  I remember simple or silly things like Chad's favorite foods were ice cream and Thai Peanut Sauce, Trevor was following a Paleo Diet and preferred sleeping on the floor, John was allergic to dogs & cats, etc.   We attended all the races but this proved to be a difficult cheering year for us; we now had 15 racers from Training Camp plus 7 Team Rio Grande names to shout out!

    We shared some wonderful meals together and we’ve stayed in touch with most of the team.  Jay and I feel blessed to have been their host family for the week!

    John Phillips, Scott Glasscock, Scott Tietzel, Trevor Connor, Drew Christopher, Annie, Christin, Ian Holt, Chris Hillier, Chad Haga

    The friendship and lasting relationships is why we open our home to be a host family. Thank you’s like this keep us smiling for a long time!  Thanks guys and hope to see you soon!

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    2011 NVGP Pro Chase and Collegiate All Stars Training Camp

     2011 training camp

    John Barron, Robin Bauer, Laura Ralston, Holly Mathews, Missy Erickson, Jade Wilcoxson, Marion Clignet, Stephen Mull, Brendon Freehery, Katy Giles, Laurel Larsen, Amy Miner, Louise Smyth, Michael Engelman

    TBT to June 2011, our first shot at hosting Training Camp for Nature Valley Pro Chase Men’s, Women’s & Kowalski’s Collegiate All Stars.

    As the NVGP Pro Chase composite teams were announced, it was recognized that a Training Camp might be beneficial to bring these talented racers together a few days before race week.

    Jay and I had never met any of the racers, nor had we met any of the team directors, but we knew we could handle it and that by the end of race week, we would be exhausted, but we also knew we wouldn’t regret it. I had no clue what was expected of us other than to provide beds, showers /laundry, and of course, food. I love meal planning and was excited for Jay and I to prepare meals for this hungry group of athletes. My goal was to provide lots of healthy calories, and I never wanted to run out of food!! This was also my introduction to gluten free meal planning. One of our cyclists had celiac disease and it was very critical that I read labels for hidden gluten containing ingredients. I also needed to understand cross contamination within my kitchen, even to the extent of labeling serving spoons so that someone wouldn’t mistakenly put the pasta salad serving spoon into the GF rice bowl and cross contaminate it.

    It was here that I opened my eyes to gluten free baking and adopted my “breakfast cookie” by using a gluten free bisquick mix donated by General Mills.  The cookies tasted quite good by simply replacing the whole wheat flour for the GF mix. As I continued to bake and purchase more ingredients, I began to pay attention to the higher cost of this specialty ingredient, as well as, what exactly was in this mix?   I researched other ingredients and GF flour mixes, and developed a personal dislike to baking with ‘powdery, starchy, white stuff”.   Other than being labeled Gluten Free I wasn’t sure there was much dietary value.  My original goal in developing Kakookies for my family, was to make a healthier cookie that had more nutritional value. I wasn’t convinced these GF mixes were providing that, so, this was the year I started baking Kakookies with nuts and oats, rather than fine ground flour of any kind.

    It was a wonderful weekend, watching the cyclists learn new skills and get to know one another. Lots of good meals, good conversations, and sharing. Training Camp weekend was a success! We attended the races throughout the week, watching them rise, and sometimes fall.   And as always, I am so grateful to be a part of their success.  

    Robin Bauer Pomeroy is now a professional Triathlete; Missy Erickson found success with Track as US Team Sprint National Record Holder 2016 Olympic Long Team, UCI Track World Cup Medalist, US National Champ, National Record Holder, Track Record Holder, Jade Wilcoxson was signed on to Optum for the next couple seasons and became USA Track and Road National Champion; Katy Giles, 2015 USA Cycling Masters Road and National Champion.

    We and the teams are grateful for leadership and guidance from Michael Engelman, Marion Clignet and John Barron. Thank you!



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    The Beginning: Hosting our first professional team, Team Globalbike

    In the year 2010, we hosted our first professional cycling team, Team Globalbike from North & South Carolina. We weren’t sure what to expect, and as it turned out, the team wasn’t sure either as the Nature Valley Grand Prix was the first big national race the team would travel and compete together as a team.

    I offered the use of our two spare bedrooms to our Host Housing coordinator but just days before the race, I was asked if we had room for the entire team. I remembered that when our daughter was traveling with her collegiate team, they often sprawled sleeping bags on family room floors, so I offered two couches and plenty of floor space in our lower level. My offer was taken.  

    As a MN Nice gesture (and because I simply like to cook!), I offered to have a hot evening meal ready for their late night arrival as well as breakfast snacks for the following day. The team was most appreciative and dialed up their Southern Charm to a point where this midwestern gal was quickly wooed into preparing meals for the entire race week. And of course I baked plenty of Kakookies, sending them off in ziploc bags and boxes for pre-post race snacks.   I later learned they rarely survived more than 30 minutes en-route to a race!

    We attended all the races, cheered them on by name, and quickly became proud Host Mom and Dad. Jay and I are grateful to Team Globalbike because they were such good ambassadors and introduced us to the rewards of Host Housing, giving back, and paying it forward. Over the past 7 years, we have hosted teams and training camps to over 100 athletes. Stay tuned for the rest of the story….

    Bobby Sweeting, Josh Whitmore, Noah Metzler, Ben Renkema, Steve Sperry, Alder Martz, David Forkner, Graham Foster (Boyd Johnson missing - returned home early to attend to his business Boyd Cycling)

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    FedEx Small Business Grant - Vote for Kakookies!

    The FedEx Small Business Grant is offering $25,000 in a Grand Prize award.  Help us be a finalist by VOTING HERE.  

    How would you use the FedEx Small Business Grant money to make a significant impact on your business?

    We would use the grant money to Pay it Forward with Kakookies. We currently sponsor several events, (bike races, trail runs, health & wellness, etc) as well as partner with youth development and women’s athletic teams. The grant would allow us to give away “better for you” Kakookies at more events and expand our donations and relationships with programs & non-profits that support health, wellness, and active lifestyles or are in need of healthy snacks for children battling cancer or disease.



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