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Grab-n-go energy snacks ideal for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, and busy families. Clean superfood ingredients delivered in unique, delicious flavors! The perfect snack for anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Vegan and Gluten Friendly too!

Faces of Kakookies


Heather, mom and crossfitter

Enjoys Kakookies as a healthy mid-day work snack and for fueling her family's adventures


Missy - professional cyclist

Eats Kakookies as training fuel and snacks for traveling


Jen - outdoor enthusiast

Packs Kakookies as a scrumptious snack for all of her outdoor adventures and travels


Nate - elite crossfitter

Enjoys Kakookies as a pre/post workout fuel and recovery


Mike, entrepreneur

Eats a Kakookie and coffee for breakfast every morning


Karen, traveler

Enjoys Kakookies as tasty travel food and a feel good treat at the end of the day


"I wish I would have come across these sooner! Imagine eating a soft, delicious homemade cookie straight from your grandmas oven, that's how good these are."

Justin, professional mountain biker

"All the flavors are delicious and my husband and son love them too! Plus the wholesome ingredients make me feel good about what I'm feeding my family!"

Heather, mom and cross fitter

"These are hands down the top 5 best cookies of all time."

Jade, professional cyclist

"Best Cookies Ever!" 

Jennifer, outdoor enthusiast

"Ridiculously delicious! I usually avoid any gluten free baked goods because they're so dry, but these are some of the best cookies I've ever had."

Naomi, Broadway dancer/actress

"All it takes is trying one and you'll have a new energy food you'll love!"

Ben, cyclist

"There simply is no better cookie on the market."

Missy, professional cyclist, Olympic medalist

"Whether they are in my back pocket out riding, or on the seat next to me driving to go ski I know I have a healthy snack at my fingertips."

Erik, professional cyclist

"Perfect for breakfast, a mid-afternoon snack, or to refuel on a ride! I've shared these with everyone I know, and they love them!"

Bri, lawyer and cyclist

Cookies & Coffee?

Yes, Please

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