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Kakookies Dark Chocolate Mint healthy and better for you cookie bites
Kakookies Dark Chocolate Mint healthy and better for you cookie bites
little girl eating Kakookies dark chocolate mint cookie bites
soft and delicious dark chocolate mint cookie bites
Kakookies vegan and gluten-free Dark Chocolate Mint Cookie Bites with all natural and plant-based ingredients
Kakookies Dark Chocolate Mint Cookie Bites plant-based Nutrition and Ingredients

Dark Chocolate Mint Cookie Bites

$ 7.95


8 oz Bag

Introducing NEW cookie bites in Dark Chocolate Mint! The perfect balance of decadent chocolate and refreshing mint. These little bites are fantastic on their own as a "better for you" treat or mid-day snack. Trust us when we say that you’ll want to finish the entire bag in one sitting - they are THAT good!

PSST! Dessert Tip: Crumble these bites over ice cream for an irresistible combination!

Approx. 24 cookie bites/pouch

Kakookies are made with real food ingredients, plant-based protein, and ridiculously delicious

Certified Gluten-Free · Dairy-Free · Egg-Free · Soy-Free · Vegan

What's Inside?

What's inside?

Cocoa Powder

For the ultimate chocolate goodness and rich flavor profile, you have to have cocoa powder! Plus, cocoa is loaded with powerful antioxidants and is a magical combination with mint!

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

For extra chocolatey goodness, we use chocolate in another way - chocolate chips. They're high in antioxidants and melt in your mouth delicious.

All of our chocolate chips are dairy free and soy free.

Mint leaves

Mint Extract

We source only the best mint extract so you get the all natural mint taste you're after, with no funky aftertaste! Psst: we are picky on our mint!

Oat flour

Out flour is a whole grain flour (aka healthier than regular flour), and boasts more protein, fiber, and nutrients!

Sprouted organic black beans

Sprouted black bean flour

This sprouted Black Bean Flour is made with organic black beans that have been soaked, dehydrated, and stoneground to preserve nutrients.

Black bean flour is packed with iron and has more protein per quarter-cup than an egg! Black bean flour is also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, including folate, iron, magnesium, vitamin B1, and more.

And it’s sprouted and stone-ground which maximizes the bioavailability of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in yummy black beans.

Chia seeds

Chia Seeds

Cheers to another power-packed superfood! These tiny but mighty morsels of goodness are loaded with antioxidants, fiber, protein, omega 3s, and micronutrients.

Beet powder

Beet powder delivers the powerful nutritional benefits of beets (but without the intense flavor), making it the perfect way to get an extra boost of nutrients! We promise you can't taste it! :-)  


Oat flour, brown sugar (cane sugar, molasses), semi sweet chocolate chips (sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, dextrose, sunflower lecithin), coconut oil, sprouted black bean flour, cocoa powder, chia seeds, beet powder, chicory root, mint extract, sea salt, baking soda.

CONTAINS: coconut

Nothing Artificial • Non GMO Ingredients

Made in a facility that also uses dairy, egg, tree nuts, peanuts, and soy.


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