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Kakookies Sustainability Plan

Kakookies Sustainability Plan

Kakookies LLC is committed to the continuation of our goals and principles for the long term. There is no endpoint or threshold but rather it is a continuous improvement process. We see it as our company responsibility to operate with integrity with focus on the following 3 categories.

  • Community
  • Business operations
  • Environment


Our notion of community is broad and is the reason for our existence as a company. In a country filled with junk food, with obesity and poor nutrition as the result, we see it as our goal to join the battle against this epidemic. We have 3 focus areas in this category.

Healthy clean label – Most snack food offerings today are not compatible with the sustainability of good health, nutrition, and quality of life. Our products will be made with simple, unrefined, whole, and natural ingredients that taste good and actually nourish the body.

Food safety – Integrity of food safety is paramount. We have a HACCP plan and quality control procedures. Regular inspections of ingredients and finished goods. Food safety testing and tracking of results over time.

Availability – Placing product where people need it most. Most concession and snack stands are filled with candy bars, chips, and pop or energy drinks. Our goal is to get our products placed into community park and recreation areas, youth sports concessions, a la carte in schools, resorts, sports and fitness centers, convenience stores, and airports.

Business operations:

Our goal is to develop and grow a long term viable and sustainable business. This will be accomplished through staying true to our core values of:

Clean and healthy eating – Our products will be made with simple, unrefined, whole, and natural ingredients that taste good and actually nourish the body. We will not chase the latest health fads.

Organizational integrity – Our philosophy is to be open and honest both within the business proper and with those we encounter along the way. We will maintain a healthy and engaged workforce by reinforcing our core values with every decision.

Operational excellence – Our company will be lean and efficient. We will utilize a very small but highly engaged workforce. Learn quickly from mistakes and make corrective action.

Innovation – This is a key area in all aspects of the company. Products, packaging and graphics, business operating systems, sales, and business relationships.



We treasure and respect this beautiful world we live in. To help protect the environment for future generations we will operate in a manner consistent with conserving resources and preserving the environment. Our approach will be fact based, not trend or emotion based. We will follow the 4 principles listed below in order of priority.

  • Reduce – Reduction of materials, energy, transportation, plant and equipment is by far the most valuable benefit to the environment. This will be our primary focus. As an example our dozen pack box is a small open tray with minimal use of materials and printing. We also source local ingredients when possible to reduce transportation costs.
  • Re-use – A challenging notion for a packaged food item but nevertheless is still the second priority of conservation and cannot be overlooked. We will re-use or re-purpose whenever possible. For example we re-use some of our trays and master cartons.
  • Recycle – The second to last priority but still a viable option when required.
  • Recover – Recovering of the energy content through waste to energy facilities or by composting.

About Kakookies LLC

Kakookies develops and sells clean label, heart healthy ingredient, unique flavored cookies that truly taste great. They are individually packaged, shelf stable, portable, and durable. More information about the company is available at:


Kakookies LLC,  PO Box 27585, Minneapolis, MN  55427