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2016 Kakookies Holiday Gift Guide

As we wrap up our Thanksgiving weekend, there is no better way to honor this holiday season, than by being Thankful. Here at Kakookies, we are so Thankful for our friends, families, and loyal customers that give us support and inspiration. You are ALL a Big part of our Small business!  

In the weeks ahead, we’d be delighted to help you embrace being Thankful with these gift giving ideas. Maybe it’s a timely Thank You gift sent directly to your Holiday Host, a single Kakookie and Thank you note for anyone, anytime (Dentist, postal worker, secretary, etc) or a more personalized basket, including Kakookies of course! 

Here are some ideas for just about everyone on your gift list! 

For the Outdoor Enthusiast

Whether you or the person on your gift list is a kayaker, canoeist, backpacker, camper, or national park traveler, we’ve all experienced rainy mornings (or several days confined to a tent), get up and go mornings, or just basic moments when we needed a hand held, mini meal to help get us through the moment. Conveniently packaged for portablility, Kakookies fit into any size pocket or pack!

Gift Ideas for Outdoor Enthusiasts

For the Traveler

Flight delayed or unsure of what your food options are at that specific time that you are hungry? Maybe you’re just tired of eating the same old, same old continental breakfast? Help the traveler on your list be in control of what and where to eat with Kakookies. Good anytime, anywhere!

Gift Ideas for Travelers

For the New Mom and Baby

"Mom’s to Be" appreciate the all natural, clean ingredients that satisfy cravings, and suppress morning sickness while new parents need convenient snack options that are nourishing and satisfying for both adults and children. It is a cookie you can feel good about eating and sharing!

Gift Ideas for New Moms and Babies

For the Coffee Lover

Breakfast = Coffee + Kakookies. What more can we say? Support your local coffee roaster, pair it up with a Kakookie assortment and a fun coffee mug. Have a Tea or Wine lover on your gift list? You’re in luck. Kakookies pair just as nicely with an afternoon tea or an evening glass of wine!

Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

For the Cyclist

Originally created as a breakfast cookie for cyclists, Kakookies are a perfect pre or post ride snack. Make sure the cyclist on your list is well nourished for their next ride and know that Kakookies is a proud supporter of women’s cycling, youth programs and many other local cycling events.

Gift Ideas for Cyclists

For the Golfer

Have a Golfer in the family? Want to make sure the next time their gut is rumbling on the course they aren’t snacking on that over processed hot dog or orange crackers with pretend peanut butter filling? Be sure they pack Kakookies next time! Grab n go convenience, on or off the course, Kakookies are made with natural sources of protein and healthy fats to satisfy hunger, boost energy and focus to play great hole-after-hole without the crashes from starchy and over processed snacks. Kakookies were also a popular snack item at the Ryder Cup Team USA, Team Europe and PGA official hospitality suites!

Gift Ideas for Golfers

For the Minnesota or Blueberry Lover

Love blueberries or our beautiful state of Minnesota? Our Boundary Waters Blueberry flavor showcases some of our regional flavors. Think blueberries, apples, sunflower seeds, trail mix. Personalize this Thank you gift to anyone that has ever offered you hospitality!

Gifts Ideas for Minnesotans

    For Friends, Co-workers, and everyday Kindness

    A picture says a thousand words and a gift sends a thousands messages of being Thankful! There’s nobody more special than the people we interact with on a daily or weekly basis. If you’re not committed to giving a personalized“ gift basket”, express your appreciation with a simple note of gratitude and a Kakookie secretly placed on a desk, in a mailbox, with your next restaurant tip, or sincerely share with the stranger standing next to you in a check out line. The moments and opportunities are endless!

    Gift Ideas for Friends and Co-Workers   Gift Ideas for Friends, Teachers, and Co-Workers

    For Online Gifting

    Simple. Easy. Just add a Note at check out to your online order, and we'll make sure your gift has the proper message.   

    Gift Ideas for Loved Ones Far Away

    And don’t forget, Kakookies make great Stocking Stuffers!

    Stocking Stuffer Ideas


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    November is Gluten-Free Diet Awareness Month & World Vegan Month

    Yes, Kakookies are vegan and gluten friendly.  It is hard to find a tasty cookie that is both vegan and gluten friendly, while still offering healthier calories, not empty ones.

    How are Kakookies different from other Gluten Free or Vegan cookies?

    • No rice flour or GF flour substitutes
    • No vegan egg or dairy replacements
    • No liquid sweeteners (Rice syrup, Tapioca syrup, etc.)

    To learn more about Kakookies and why we choose the ingredients we do, read About Our Cookies 

    Gluten Free and Vegan Cookies

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    Back to School: What's in Your Lunchbox?

    I don’t recall my mom ever writing special notes but I always felt her presence when I unfolded my tin box at the lunch table and found hand made sandwiches and treats.  Soft, squishy white bread was in; home baked bread was out.

    My sandwich was carefully wrapped in waxed paper (grated cheese and sliced green olives or MLP - mayonnaise, lettuce & peanut butter were my favorites), a small Tupperware cup containing cut up canned fruit, and usually a homemade cookie or bar.   Ziploc baggies, mini carrots, individual fruit cups or juice pouches didn’t exist then. My lunchroom beverage option consisted of a small glass bottle of room temperature milk (whole or 2%) with a foil top and a hole punched for a paper straw. On many occasions, I had the privilege of riding my bike home to enjoy a hot lunch with my Mom, at my own kitchen table.   My how things have changed!

    When my children were young, school hot lunches were prepared off site, and delivered several hours later. Let’s say, my kids preferred to bring their own homemade lunch. It was our routine to pack tomorrow’s lunch while we cleaned up our evening meal. I was the mom that enjoyed cutting pieces into cute shapes or rolling sandwiches inside out. I enjoyed the challenge of accommodating each child’s different requests and sometimes sneaking “better for you foods” into familiar favorites.

    I still continue to sneak good things into comfort foods, like cookies. So next time you’re packing a lunch, or looking for a portable wholesome snack to fuel your children on busy mornings, or after school activities, pack a Kakookie!

    What's in Your Lunch Box?

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    Back to School: Lunchbox Nostalgia

    In the 1960’s, my back to school shopping list always included finding and carefully choosing the right lunchbox that would last me all year.

    The first lunchbox I remember toting to school was  a blue vinyl “Casper The Friendly Ghost” box, as the Saturday morning cartoon was one of my favorites.

    Vintage Antique Barn Lunch Box
    Another year, my lunches were neatly packed into a dome box that was in the shape of a barn. Today, I proudly display that same lunch box along with a small collection of other classic boxes.  


    While my children also preferred bringing lunches from home, my classic lunchbox collection was primarily reserved for play dates with their friends.   At lunchtime, I encouraged each friend to choose a lunchbox from my collection (Strawberry Shortcake, Sesame Street, Snoopy, Star Wars, Masters of the Universe, etc).   I prepared special snacks and treats, packed them away inside each box, and off they trotted to their newly made “blanket fort” or outside for a lunchbox picnic.  

    These classic lunchboxes tell so many stories and are a time capsule of memories!

    Watch one of our videos featuring our collectable Sesame Street lunchbox!

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    2016 Collegiate All Stars Training Camp- Saturday evening

    Kakookies Collegiate All-Stars Cycling Team Training Camp Kakookies Collegiate All-Stars Cycling Team Training Camp 

    We believe in “clean eats” and offer more than “yummy treats” at CAS Training Camp. The Collegiate women are special, and we think they need to be treated special too with nutritious meals to fuel their demanding bodies.

    Traveling, training, and competing in races is exhausting and most athletes are responsible for preparing their own meals. Even though they are very conscious of how to replenish and fuel their bodies, sometimes they just don’t have access to purchase certain foods. So, at Training Camp, we like to treat our guests with meals that are nutritious, but also make them feel special.   

    Last Saturday evening, for our base meal, we prepared grilled salmon, raw zucchini noodle salad, & mango rice salad. A meal rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals because they deserve the best.
    Kakookies Collegiate All-Stars Cycling Team Training Camp Healthy Salmon Dinner



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    Minneapolis Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest: June 4 & 5, 2016

    Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest

    Do you have a food allergy or sensitivity?  Please join Kakookies and 75 other exhibitors at The Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest, the largest expo of it’s kind in the Minneapolis area. Whether you’re thinking about going gluten free or looking for new allergen friendly products, the Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest has something for everyone.   You'll find tons of tasty food to sample that satisfy any appetite,  PLUS, there are seminars and cooking demonstrations going on all day!!

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    Garage Grown Gear review

    Kakookies: the healthier cookies to buy for an on-the-go treat by Kelsey Dayton

    Kakookies Collegiate All-Stars Cycling Team

    Adelaide Tillinghast, Allison Arensman, Sue Kakuk, Doug, Ariane Horbach, Cynthia Lehner, Cecilia Davis Hayes, Michelle Khare, Kelly Catlin, Sara Bird

    "You know that parent, the one who bakes cookies and sends them in care packages? Well, Sue Kakuk is that mom.

    She sent cookies when her daughter or a teammate won a cycling race while competing for the University of Vermont. She sent cookies when one of them crashed. And, when she found out these athletes were fueling up before races at places like Dunkin’ Donuts, she created a healthier cookie for them to eat for breakfast.  After Sue’s daughter graduated college, Sue stayed connected with the cycling community and hosted teams that came to her hometown Minneapolis for what is now called the North Star Bike Festival each year."
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    Endurance Review: Kakookies a Healthy Snack that is gluten free.

    Gelder Lewis rates Kakookies 4.5 out of 5.  

    "I love cookies!  Of course it is not always a good idea to be chowing down on large bites of sugar, butter, carbs, and flour.  The good news is that Kakookies makes really delicious cookies that include all natural ingredients.  These tasty morsels are made of Oats, Dried fruits, and nuts.

    What makes Kakookies different?  A gluten free cookie is hard to find.  And a gluten free cookie that does not use flour substitutes is even better.  These cookies are loaded with healthy goodness.  My favorite is the BOUNDARY WATERS BLUEBERRY.  I ate this cookie on a long day snowboarding and it really hit the spot.

    This is a great food for the endurance athlete.  Because this is a cookie it is flat and light and can go on the road in a pocket.  The fact that these travel well makes them an excellent source of energy.

    Next time you want some good nutrition to take with you check out Kakookies.  They are not super sugary.  All the natural flavors carry the taste."

     Read the entire review here.

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